5 Reasons Why You Should Cowork Instead of Working From Home

Sure, working from home might seem like an appealing idea. I mean who wouldn’t love to stay in their pajamas all day? However if you’re actually trying to get anything done, working from home can seem impossible. While working from home, many days I would allow my work to continue into my evening, and other days I wouldn’t get started until after noon. Then there came the issue of feeling lonely and unmotivated when trying to get anything done at the house. Coworking solves many of the problems associated with working from home by offering professionals a place to work independently and free of distractions with other like-minded individuals. Below are my top five reasons for why I choose to cowork instead of working from home:

  • To boost your productivity:  At home, It can be tempting to stray from your work and focus on your personal life, leaving little room for productivity. There are just way too many distractions, like pets, family, home duties, etc. that can pop up and take over your work life. With coworking, you leave all of these distractions at home to work around other independent professionals with similar goals. I don’t know about you, but being around others who have their shit together motivates me quite a bit.
  • To avoid feeling lonely: Home offices can be lonely and many people have a difficult time motivating themselves when others aren’t around. Working alone can be mentally and emotionally draining for many people, so coworking provides a great solution to this problem. There are plenty of opportunities to socialize and meet new people at coworking spaces.
  • To network: No one wants to have a meeting at their home or at their local Starbucks. As a member of a coworking space, there is usually meeting space available that will allow you to have more productive meetings. Being a part of a coworking space also allows you to connect with other members, whereas at home it’s more difficult to meet new people. As a member of a coworking space you gain the opportunity to collaborate and socialize with other professionals, and obtain support or referrals from them.
  • To maintain work-life balance: If there isn’t a clear line between work and personal life, it can really take a toll on you. When working from home these two facets overlap, causing you to either not put in enough effort, or to put in too much work time when you’re supposed to be at home. Coworking spaces provide you with a way to get out of the house and to mentally and physically separate your work life from your personal life.
  • FREE COFFEE: Hands down, my favorite part of coworking is the variety of amenities available. Most coworking spaces provide free coffee and snacks, convenient parking, meeting room space, kitchen and lounge space, wifi connectivity, printing and copying services, etc. to make your experience as comfortable as possible. It’s expensive and time consuming to try to create the perfect work space at home, and if you love coffee, you have to either make multiple Starbucks trips daily or settle for cheap coffee that you have to make at home. At Coworking spaces, you can enjoy a constant supply of free coffee and more outlets than you could dream of, all while an employee is maintaining the space so you don’t have to.

If any of these reasons resonated with you, you should give coworking a try. It has transformed the way I work to the point where I could never go back to working from home. I have never been so productive or happy before thanks to coworking.