Meet the founder: Liz Elam

Have you ever wondered who was behind Link Coworking? If so, stay tuned for the next couple of weeks and we will give you a bit of insight on the crew. First up- Link Coworkings Founder (aka Boss Lady) Liz Elam.

Liz Elam spent 14 years working for Dell inc, and managed a highly successful and profitable multi-million dollar business from her home office. She often found herself jockeying for cord position at Starbucks, speaking in hushed tones and looking over her shoulder. If not at a coffee shop she was renting expensive meeting space or working in relative isolation in her home. She had a need for a professional, welcoming space that provided meeting rooms, connectivity and most importantly, human interaction. Coworking is the term that caught on to describe these new innovative spaces. An that is how Link was born.

Here’s a bit about Liz…

What did you study in school? Journalism

What is your favorite food?  Tacos

What was your first job?  Working for my grandparent at Anthony’s in Harlingen, TX.

What brought you to Austin? I wanted to open a Coworking space and felt Austin was a great spot since they already had Coworking in 2008.

What is your standard coffee order? Light coffee, milk and stevia

What is your role at Link? Decision Maker

What are you passionate about? Coworking, Sobriety, Critters & Travel

What would you last meal be?  Ribeye Steak, frites, diet coke and chocolate cake

Where would you go back to tomorrow?  Positano, Italy

What advice do you give most often? The competitor you should worry about the most is the one that doesn’t worry about you at all – Bastardization of Henry Ford Quote

Favorite Artist? Sting

What do you like to listen to when you work? the buzz of a space

Where is your next trip?  Vancouver for GCUC Canada

Dog or Cat? Both, can’t choose

What you wish you told your younger self ? Take care of your body, you only get one

There you have it! Check back next week to meet Link’s Community and Operations Manager.