Productivity to the max

Let’s talk maximizing productivity shall we?

Working from your couch in your pajamas sound luxurious when you are use to sitting in a cubical all day but let me tell you, it gets old fast. The cat won’t collaborate, the mail man disrupts your conference call and your refrigerator is constantly calling your name. Don’t even get me started on the pile of laundry that HAS TO BE DONE RIGHT THIS SECOND even though it’s been there for days. We have all been there. Its good until it isn’t.

That is where coworking comes in. Hear me out. Coworking isn’t just for the millennials and hipster nomads of the world, and no, you don’t have to cowork everyday to increase your productivity (but it helps).

Coworking spaces are DESIGNED FOR PRODUCTIVITY (yes im yelling). This is not your run of the mill coffee shop or your couch. The floors are not concrete, the chairs are not uncomfortable and your less than favorite delivery guy is not ringing the doorbell. We actually want you to stay awhile. Did I mention the coffee is free? Remove the hassle of jockeying for an electrical outlet, the couple talking obnoxiously loud next to you and the 9 personal tastes that are staring you in the face (yes, you laundry pile). All of the sudden, you are left with a clear path to your work with little to no distractions. Amazing.

You don’t have to mess with making the coffee- we do that.

You don’t have to worry about taking out the trash after lunch- we do that.

Heating and cooling your space- we do that.

Intercepting the mail man, delivery boy and pizza guy- we do that too.

Need a recommendation for a bookkeeper, dog sitter, cat whisperer or dentist- we’ve got ‘em

Worried about spotty internet? Don’t be, we pay a lot to have fiber. – we take care of it

The peace of mind you can find in a coworking space is LIBERATING. That’s right. Shouty capitals, because we mean it. If you have not tried out coworking (or even if you have and didn’t love it) id encourage you to check out a local space. Coworking is like ice cream, there are flavors and spaces for everyone. The right fit will leave you happier and wanting more.