Small Business Big Heart

Being a small business has its disadvantages but it also has its perks. We may not have all of the resources as the big box companies but we have the heart and we are lean so we can pivot and change quickly to meet our customers and members needs. Here at Link we are proud to be a small locally owned and operated business. We are also proud to be owned and operated solely by women. It’s pretty awesome. We take pride in being hyper local and really getting to know our community- it is part of what sets us apart and makes us unique.

When you support a small business, it means that you’re putting money directly back into your community, creating jobs for your neighbors, and getting quality work from people who care about more than just making money. Small businesses help cities thrive on their own, without the interference of large corporations who often use products and labor from outside the country as well as trying to getting out of paying taxes. Small business don’t skimp on anything because they truly care about the product or service that they spent hard work to turn into their dream.

Small businesses tend to focus on building relationships with customers as a main priority because they know that the customers are what matter. At Link, we make it a point to learn about our members and their companies. We often get to know them on a personal level and form genuine connections. This allows us to really know what they like (and don’t like) about our space and what we can improve on. We apply this to potential members as well because it gives us the opportunity to really figure out where they would fit in at our space. It also gives us the chance to refer the out to one of the many other locally owned and operated spaces that can better meet their needs.

We hire, collaborate, and thrive locally- and we’re proud of it.