Small Business, Big Heart

Being a small business has both ups and downs. We may not have all the resources that a corporate company has, but we can make up for it by quickly pivoting to meet the needs of both customers and members. Here at Link, we are proud to be a small but growing business. We take pride in genuinely knowing our community – it’s that component which makes what we do truly special.

When you support small businesses, you invest in your community, create jobs for your neighbors, and get quality work and service in return. Small businesses help cities thrive by sourcing from other local areas, partnering with local brands, and creating a sense of community – all of which supports the economy. Small businesses also care deeply about the product or service they provide because it’s the owners’ dream to bring that to you and improve your life.

We know that the customer is most important. At Link, we make it a point to learn about our members and their endeavors, both in and out of the workplace. We desire genuine connections with our members. Not only does this allow for a more fun work environment, but it gives us direct insight on how to improve your workday experience. We want anyone who comes through our doors to know that we see them, we’re here to help them and we care.

We are a small business – and we’re proud of it.