So Long, Farewell

Time flies when you’re having fun, and the past six months have certainly flown by! I’m talking breaking the sound barrier fast. I remember in February 2016 when I came in for my interview. It was the first time I had seen Link and the second time I had heard of coworking (the first was my phone interview with Stormy). I was amazed at the space and remember thinking that UT should have some study spaces that look like this. Honestly, I’m kind of amazed that college campuses haven’t taken advantage of the whole coworking thing.

Anyway, since then so many things have changed. Life does that sometimes though – it surprises you, and I’ve definitely been surprised at every turn since I’ve been at Link. I didn’t expect to learn all that I have or meet the people that I’ve met. I’ve done everything from organize our supply closet (talk about an accomplishment) to compiling lists of coworking spaces in the northeast to writing blog posts for the website. Working here made me realize that as much as I love working with people, I mostly enjoy working for people, which is completely different. It’s really cool to see someone’s face light up when little things happen – like a free Starbucks latte, or an uplifting comment on a really stressful day.

I think it’s these kinds of things that have people hooked on coworking. Spaces like Link are definitely all about giving freelancers, startups, and entrepreneurs (among others) a productive and professional place to work, but they’re also about support and community and personal growth. These are hard to come by when you’re working remotely from a coffee shop or your couch.

It’s been real y’all. It’s probably the best work experience I’ve had since I came to Austin. In that time, I’ve done some pretty cool things, like getting my B.A. in History (woop!) and spending a month living in a foreign country, but working here at Link has also made the list of awesome experiences. I seriously cannot believe that it’s already time to leave and though it’s hard, I know it’s time. Being here has allowed me to develop so many amazing skills and it’s time to move forward knowing that I’ve met some really cool people and done some pretty interesting things. I’ve enjoyed every minute that I’ve been here and there’s a warm, fuzzy place in my heart for every person that I’ve met. You guys are great.