Starting 2019 with a Bang

Back in action, women who start shit kicked off our 2019 series last night with two kick awesome speakers, Libba Letton and Valerie Tyson. Both women, shared their stories, advice, cautions and laughs with the audience giving us a good look into the ins and outs of the life of a ladypreneur. But for real, shout out to them for their real, raw and honest look into the world of marketing and PR. The night kicked off with sushi, sips and networking. The room was buzzing and connections were being made all over the place.

In true WWSS fashion we started with a speed round. This or that, pinterest or instagram, that type of thing. Their answers? Polar opposites. We knew it was going to be a good night. Check out some of the highlights from below:

Question asked: What did you struggle with when you decided to go out on your own?

Libba talked about impostor syndrome and coming into her confidence in her own business.She said she had to have a conversation with herself that went something like “You are an executive level person. You have executive level knowledge. Just because no one ever made you one does not mean you are not qualified to be one”

Advice for a successful marketing and PR campaign:

Valerie let us in on 2 gold mines. First being that you have to involve the end user in your story. Make them feel included in the process, invested if you will. The second being, your job (outside of your actual job) is making google happy. You need to be easily findable on google so people discover what you want them to when they go to look you up. Libba told us to “Own your shit, in a good way”.  She said the way she stays successful is thinking about her job the same way a bus driver does. When a bus driver is done for the day, they park and don’t worry about the bus until the next morning. Libba explained she strives to do that with her business. When she is at work, she works, and when she is at home, she focuses on being at home.

One of the ladies also recommended that everyone check out The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni – its currently in our amazon cart.

Wrapping up the night we asked an important question, If you could go back in time and tell your 15 year old self one thing, what would it be?

Libba told us that she would tell herself that she shouldn’t belittle herself.  She explained that she would make it known to herself that those thoughts in her head of “you aren’t skilled enough” are completely wrong, and you can do anything.  Valerie said she would tell herself that she was going to be okay, and that she will be happy.

Again, HUGE shout out to both Valerie and Libba. They were perfect guests for our first event in 2019. We are already hard at work on WWSS February so stay tuned for more info!