Top Ten Reasons To Check Out Austins Coworking Day

Did you know that 9/27/ 17 is Austin Coworking Day? Officially proclaimed by Mayor Steve Adler with all the Whereases and Therefores and a Gold Seal of Approval!  RSVP to get a list of all the spaces offering free coworking to you in honor of the day.

Here are the top 10 reasons you need coworking in your life, as a person who can really work from anywhere:  

  1. Working alone sucks.
  2. Traffic will kill your soul. If 20% of our city chose to cowork even 2-3 days a week, our traffic problems would be solved, with no more beastly MoPac construction. The More You Know!
  3. Coworking makes you more productive — 84% of coworking members report being more engaged and motivated.
  4. It’s eco-chic — instead of driving to work and sitting in traffic burning loads of expensive gas, pop over to your closest coworking space and breathe easy.
  5. 83% of Coworkers reported they’re less lonely.*
  6. Austin has almost 50 coworking spaces, which means you have lots of choices and Austin Coworking Day lets you check ‘em out for free.
  7. Free coffee (at most spaces), great WiFi, and comfortable chairs. Power outlets!! And you don’t have to worry about your stuff when you need to go pee. *swoon*
  8. Working in your pajamas is overrated.
  9. 89% of Coworkers reported they were happier* — Who doesn’t want to be happier?
  10. It’s FREE.

* source: A comprehensive study by GCUC, founded and run by Austin’s own Liz Elam / Link Coworking