What the Health?

The recent passings of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain have opened up the conversation of mental health across the country.

We are strong allies of the #Checkyomate movement and wanted to focus our energy on destigmatizing mental health and non physical wellness this month so we decided to bring in to local health professionals for Women Who Start Shit.  Amy McAbeer and Jessica Evans (our two lady leader speakers) came out and shared their knowledge and experience on the topic of wellness.It was clear that both women focused on health throughout the whole body versus just “grinding” to lose weight fast. They also reminded us that total health isn’t achieved by just working out- it takes mental clarity, eating healthier, and making better lifestyle choices.

Amy, a nutrition and lifestyle coach, also reminded us that you have to stop worrying about making everything perfect. Amy quoted an old graphic that she still lives by that stated “live imperfectly with great delight.”.As much as we want to eat perfectly, work out everyday, and get 8 hours of sleep everyday… that’s not always how life works. When asked how they balance a everything while staying sane, Jessica, the owner of body business, revealed that she tries to incorporate her kids into her work. She states “I take them to the gym with me where we all work out or they help out at the front desk. I just try to find ways to have them with me”.

Liz opened up the question about what challenges they’re facing at the moment and how they deal with them, as well as what opportunities are opening up in the near future. Jessica spoke about the competitiveness of their industry, saying “I feel like everyday there’s a new fitness place opening up. It’s a challenge getting your name out in this busy, saturated market.” She turned it around by then telling us how she handles it, “we just focus on being the best part of people’s day. When I feel like I can’t do it another day, I try to focus on the positive ways we’re impacting people”. Someone in the crowd who is a member at Body Business spoke about how she’s found her “tribe” at that gym and they feel like a family there which is so helpful during this loneliness epidemic we’re facing today. Amy went on to talk about an idea she wants to get in the works saying “I would love to have an online program where people who don’t live in places like Austin with easy access to healthy options can still improve themselves”.

We closed out the night with one of my personal favorite questions, “What do you wish you could’ve told your younger self?”. Amy closed her eyes and thought for a second before stating “All I got is ‘just do it’”. Jessica agreed and followed up with her answer, “you’ll regret what you didn’t do much more than you’ll regret what you did”. We dismissed and finished off the snacks while talking with fellow kick-ass women before heading out for the night feeling ~inspired~ to live our best- and healthiest- lives.

…and we can’t wait to do it all again next month!! See you there.