Why You Should Drop In For Our Events

At Link, we pride ourselves on curating the best events, workshops, and activities for our members and local community.

Some of our most successful events in the last 6 months have been our Dress for Success Link at Lunch, Fall networking happy hour, Psych and Pizza Party and our BYOL (bring your own lunch) memeber catch up session.  Actually, our events (and events hosted by most coworking spaces) are a landmine of opportunities and knowledge, which is why we at Link go above and beyond to curate the right type of workspace events.

Looks like we’ve nailed the task, or so thinks Allwork.Space, an online magazine that talks all things coworking and workspace related.  The online magazine recently featured none other than our very own Stormy McBride on an article titled, “What You Need To Know To Curate a Successful Flexible Workspace Event”.

For a while now, Stormy has been in charge of curating, organizing, and hosting our events at Link. Her efforts have centered around planning events that will bring knowledge and meaningful relationships to professionals of all types and practicing on different lines of work.

As the coworking movement has grown and evolved, so have its users. Though at first millennials, startups, and freelancers dominated the coworking market, we’re seeing how larger companies are starting to visit and adopt coworking spaces; which means a lot more thought has to go into planning and organizing events.

Like Stormy mentioned in the article, “you cannot and will not please everyone. Some events will attract some members, and some won’t. Instead of organizing the perfect event, aim to organize a variety of events that span different interests.”

This is the way we approach it here at Link, and it’s worked well for us. Linksters, regardless of their type of work or the size of their company have all found that our events have taught them something meaningful; from how to meditate to how to handle accounting and legal issues.

So, in any case, whether you’re already a Linkster or want to become one–feel free to drop in and say hi at our events. You won’t regret it.