Women Who Start Shit and Podcast

Whoo, another women who start shit event come and gone. Can you believe that we have been doing this for almost a year?  Last nights event was super cool as we heard from one of our very own Linksters (Casey Bernard) on how she got into podcasting.  Casey and Robin (our other guest of honor from My TV Family) started off the night by giving us a quick insight on their personal backgrounds before letting us know how there paths lead them to starting their own podcasts.

We started off by asking both ladies what their favorite podcasts were (aside from their own) and they said

Everything is alive- its about a guy who interviews inanimate objects. It is bizarrely funny and oddly profound” – Casey Bernard

“Keep it- Its 3 co hosts, one of which they are terribly mean to but in a comical way. Little bits on trivia and chatter and at the end they have something that they say “keep it” to.  – Robin Leon.

We then moved on to asking them about what the podcasting world has taught them and they both had some unique answers. The net net of it was that the podcasting community as a whole is cool and supportive. It helps to have a guest to interview (and a script)  as well as a good attitude. Robins advice? Use the 80/20 rule. Give value at least 80% of the time, ask or take 20%.

We ended the curated conversation with two of our favorite questions… what is your super power and what would you tell 20 year old you? Robin let us in on her super power (while not secret- still impressive) she is a fountain of triva and pop culture knowledge. Casey’s superpower is making connections. Weaving a thread between the people in her community both digital and physical. And lastly- their advice to younger them… loosen up. Care less about what people think. Take everything less seriously. Be in the moment. Freaking golden advice.

To wrap up the night we went around the room and asked the audience what their favorite podcasts were and here is the list

  • Very pink knits (run by Casey)
  • My Tv Family (run by Robin)
  • Ear Hustle
  • How I build this
  • The Genius Life
  • Bitch Bible
  • Serial
  • Fat Mascara
  • Dr. Death
  • Keep it
  • Everything is alive
  • Snap Judgement
  • Entrepreneurs on Fire
  • Eatin and sippin locally

We hope you will join us next month for our next WWSS event. Follow us on Facebook for event updates, photos and follow ups.

Listen to the full podcast using the player below!