Women Who Start Shit Who Also Cowork

There is something to be said for the power of community. As you know, we are in the business of coworking and are super fond of the whole collaboration thing. When we started thinking about the women that we wanted to speak at our monthly #WWSS meetings we thought …what better people to bring on than other boss babes that own and run coworking spaces right here in our own backyard? So that is exactly what we did. Our WWSS speakers were Laura shook, creator and Founder of Soma Vida (one of the real OG coworking spaces here in ATX) and Shelley Delaney, Founder of Orange Coworking.

The night started off with an intro from Liz Elam a “coworking state of the nations” if you will. It was announced that Women Who Cowork would be hosting their retreat right here in Austin at the end of this month and the founder of that powerful and ever growing womens group was none other than Laura shook, one of our guest speakers.

The next 45 minutes flew buy as Laura and Shelley went back and forth chatting about how they stumbled upon the coworking industry when it was barely an industry at all and what lead them to opening their own spaces. Shelley serendipitously found “coworking” when talking to a stranger on the street  while at a tech conference back in 2007. Laura, stumbled across “coworking” after leasing a space to build the collaborative support group community that she missed from her years abroad.

The night wrapped up with the question “what advice would you give your younger self?” and both ladies gave blunt and real answers (our favorite kind).

“Be compassionate towards yourself when you can’t do it all”

“Give yourself permission to outsource the things that you are not capable of doing at the time”

“If I had known how much work and whatnot was ahead of me when I started, I probably would have opted out – so Im glad I didn’t know”  

“The rock bottom of failure can be very relaxing, you know, with the absence of responsibilities and things”

It was truly an inspiring event. Not only did we have our two speakers representing their spaces, we had FIVE other female coworking founders with shared workspaces attendance.