WWSS does it again

What do you do when you’re killin’ the game? Ask our Women Who Start Shit speakers.

We just closed out our fifth edition of WWSS and the inspiration coming from these ladies is incredible. This month’s focus was on food ( obviously our favorite topic ) and we heard from two Austin food gurus. Jessica Halich from Fancy Fluff and Kendall Antonelli from Antonelli’s Cheese Shop came together for a night of truth, laughter, and good eats.

Per usual, we couldn’t start the night without some snacking and networking with our fellow entrepreneurs. We mingled while munching on Kendall’s cheese plate that gave us major high-class vibes. The fun really began at 6:30 when we got to sit in on their raw conversation about how they manage to own a business as well as raising a family (and trying to stay sane).

Kendall put it perfectly when she said “You’re never perfectly balanced, there are all these counter-movements. I put personal and professional altogether. We are our brand.” Using a seesaw metaphor, she told us that even when you’re perfectly centered, you’re still wobbling and making a movement. She reminded us that it’s okay to be unbalanced as long as you make up for it later- like how she’s working nonstop this week but knows she’s about to take a month off for family vacay. It also helped her to combine her personal life with her business, which was easy considering her and her husband got the idea while on their honeymoon. If you know her brand, you know her family because they’re one in the same.

Jessica had her own advice that came from her having a business that’s less than two years old. She let us know that “I didn’t overthink it. I just started doing. I forced myself to figure it out. Jump in and do. Have fun with it.” While starting a company is scary, Jessica has made sure to keep the energy fun by enjoying all of the challenges that push her business to be the best it can be. Jessica knew that no one else would do the work for her and has been working hard to create new and exciting flavors to take her brand to the next level.

The conversation was genuine and free-flowing allowing us to see what happens when we believe in ourselves and support other women. Both speakers revealed that the key to raising kids while also trying to raise your business is a supportive partner. Having someone to split tasks and support the kids when you can’t is essential. They also let us know that you can’t feel guilty for not being a perfect mom because as Kendall pointed out, “perfection is paralyzing”.

This ball is nowhere near done rolling and we are already getting pumped about next month’s event. We are focusing on Heath and wellness and bringing in two awesome speakers spill all their best tips and tricks to us. Be sure to rsvp to grab your spot- they’re going fast!